The project

Women’s Soccer School Barcelona was born with the purpose to join woman and sport, where the most important is the learning process and the personal and sportive growth of each girl. 

Our aim is that each player reaches her maximum level in order that the squad benefits from it, therefore we facilitate her the necessary tools in all the spheres. Aside, we also teach them the values that emerge when practicing a collective sport.

Individual improvement to contribute to the team

Women's Soccer School Values

Treat other people as you want to be treated. Tolerate the differences and accept the opinions from others.

If you want, you can. Knowing that you can always improve if you have the will to do it.

Be conscious that the group benefit is above the own benefit. Help your teammates always when they need it.

Since you join a team, you get the obligation to assist at all his activities in order that the group can function properly.

Take self-care. Knowing the rules and accepting them, knowing your strong points and improving them, discovering the weak points and improving them. Keep healthy living habits at consonance with the practice of soccer.

We are constantly learning. Compare your performance with the one you had yesterday and no with the others’. Be the example of what you request to the people.