Solidarity Meeting

Christmas is coming and it is time to enjoy with the family and admire the magic of these times of the year. Since very special dates are approaching, from the Women’s Soccer School we have organized a solidarity meeting to be able to enjoy it with the whole family.

Next Saturday, December 18, at the Camp Municipal La Taixonera we will hold a solidarity meeting where teams made up of families (fathers, mothers, and daughters) will compete in a tournament where there will be two modalities: the traditional modality of football and the modality of Walking Football (Wabol).

All the money collected with the inscriptions to the tournament will go to the association “Amics de la Gent Gran”. This association ensures the accompaniment and emotional support to grandparents, offering different activities for them, helping them on a day-to-day basis and supporting them in all areas that they need.

We want to enjoy a morning of football, solidarity, and family all together. Giving a different and supportive welcome to Christmas.