A unique experience: we meet three League, Cup and European champions!

One of the WSS project goals is to make professional players accessible to our girls, so that they have referents to copy. Yesterday, thanks to partnership with Nike, Women’s Soccer School footballers were able to meet three League, Cup and European champions. For an hour, through a video call due to the panedmic, they asked and heard the answers of Sandra Paños, Patri Guijarro and Leila Ouahabi, FC Barcelona players who spent a good time in an act led by the El Patio hosts, a YouTube channel specialised in women’s football.

For Martina Brun, Cadet’s player, it was an activity “very interesting because it has allowed us to listen to professional players who are a referent for us, and it is very important to be able to hear their opinions and their advice so that one day they can get where they are.” In the same way, Aina Sánchez, White’s player, noted that she liked the advice that “even though they have won everything, work must continue” and that this motivates her to “keep playing football”.