The WSS players, fitted by Nike

The grass of the WSS field turned blue this Friday, a blue tide of Nike Mercurial occupied the field all afternoon. The reason? an extraordinary training which was organized by the club along with Nike.

140 pairs of Nike mercurial for 140 players. This is how the afternoon started at the WSS facilities. The players, led by Nike, carried out a training with different posts where the speed, ability and strength were worked. Nike collected data for each player throughout the training session. At the end, the players could keep the boots they tried.

Nike is one of the biggest when it comes to providing the best football players in the world, including Neymar, Mbappé, or the best player in the world: the Blaugrana Lieke Martens, who precisely fits the model that our cracks could test. From the WSS we are proud to work side by side with a brand like Nike, as we always seek the highest quality for our players and staff.