Psychology: Undisputed at the WSS

Sports psychology has happened in the last 10 years to have an almost spectator role, to be part of the basics in the world of football. In the WSS, it is very clear for us, and that is why among the different departments in the club, one of the most prominent is the Department of Psychology.

Miguel Córdoba, head of this department taught on November 19 a class of the Master of Sports Psychology and Physical Activity of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​within the module of Professional Experiences. Within the WSS, his figure is vital, as Córdoba explains, his job is to «coordinate the team of psychologists, who are currently 7 professionals in sports psychology», and is responsible for «designing and carrying out individual and group interventions for all of the different teams, both with coaches and with players ». In addition, he promotes sports psychology through «specific training and multidisciplinary work with the rest of the school departments».

In his intervention at the UAB, Córdoba put into practice some examples of the interventions – previously cited – and talked about psychological work in the school and its evolution since its inception. For the expert, what he values ​​most is the breakdown of the psychology taboo in the field of sport” and adds that “being in a football academy where they give you the confidence to work the mental factor without funnels, and giving the importance it has, it is a privilege and a unique opportunity to display a constant work focused on the personal development of athletes that in few institutions is taken into account as it deserves ».

«Being in a soccer school where they give you the confidence to work the mental factor bluntly, and giving the necessary importance, is a privilege and a unique opportunity»

In the WSS we value psychological work very much, especially at a young age. As our psychologist explains, “it is important because if athletes get used to work psychological concepts from school age, in the future they will have the necessary tools to carry out their personal and professional career in the healthiest way possible.” “We have the conviction that you have to take care of yourself mentally and emotionally to later develop our activity optimally,” he concludes.